SafeLane Global acquires well drilling company WB+AD Morgan

On Friday the 11th of October, SafeLane Global Limited completed its acquisition of Presteigne-based water borehole and well drilling specialists WB+AD Morgan.

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Chief Executive Officer, Adam Ainsworth (left) went to the WB+AD Morgan offices today to welcome their people to the group and to provide an overview of why the acquisition was important, how SafeLane will manage the integration process and how it intends to support WB+AD Morgan staff in developing upon their outstanding legacy.

Why has SafeLane bought WB+AD Morgan?

SafeLane has a comparatively small drilling business already as part of the UK land operation which it has developed in recent years and is looking to expand.  As WB+AD Morgan has an excellent and long-standing reputation for providing a first-rate service, it made a very appealing proposition for SafeLane.

Of equal significance in the decision-making process was the fact that WB+AD Morgan has an established client base, attractive equipment – and most importantly of all, an experienced and loyal team.

As many of WB+AD Morgan’s existing values are perfectly aligned with SafeLane’s own values of integrity, passion, quality and professionalism, the decision to purchase was ultimately very easy.

Will WB+AD Morgan change its name and brand to SafeLane?

The name and reputation of WB+AD Morgan has been built over many years of hard work and dedication – and as such it has real value. 

Therefore, whilst the SafeLane name will be introduced to customers over time (e.g. “WB+AD Morgan – a SafeLane Group company”) it is not planned to change the name or brand anytime soon.

How will WB+AD Morgan be integrated into SafeLane?

Brian Smith will take responsibility for integrating the business into the UK Land operation.  He has tasked Senior Operations Manager (Engineering) Richard Lane to oversee the day to day running of WB+AD Morgan. 

Richard will be working from the WB+AD Morgan offices in Wales and will make sure their existing staff and clients are welcomed to the SafeLane family. 

There will be a focussed effort to grow the company in a sustainable, responsible and well-governed way. 

There may be some changes to processes, but there will also be investment in people, training, equipment and infrastructure, and over time more colleagues from the SafeLane family will begin meeting WB+AD Morgan’s staff.

What does this mean for WB+AD Morgan and SafeLane clients?

The alignment of the two companies means an extension of assets and personnel, resources and equipment which is advantageous to clients of both WB+AD Morgan and SafeLane Global.

In conclusion, this is a significant and positive milestone for both companies, for their staff and customers.